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Collaborate. Communicate. Integrate.

Collaborate. Communicate. Integrate.

Cloud-based Legal Project Management platform


Agility Blue Key Benefits


collaborate on team projects

Ensure projects are more efficient and profitable by tracking deadlines, project and task details, budgetary requirements, and other project factors all in one location. Dashboards provide a visual overview of your team's work-in-progress.


Communicate in the agility blue hub

Keep communication clear and visible for optimal collaboration by updating projects in real time. Use Agility Blue's Comments and Notifications hub to make comments, reply to team and client queries, and submit project requests.


integrate using the Agility Blue API

Add transparency to your team’s projects, tasks, and billing through customizable reports. Use Agility Blue's API to integrate with many other software platforms, including billing, processing and review software. 

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Agility Blue artfully moves project management and communication into a central environment allowing for enhanced collaboration. The Agility Blue team worked collaboratively with us to match our internal processes with the platform. We can easily leverage the project data to provide relevant, timely activity and status reports to stakeholders.
— E. Sue Marshall, Senior Project Advisor

Agility Blue Key Features



Intuitive dashboards

  • View and manage all team assignments in one convenient place.

  • Quickly drill down into specific categories such as tasks in process from specific clients, due dates, and task status.

  • Customize your dashboard layouts to fit your role and yours team’s needs.


Team-Based Task Management

  • See all tasks organized by status in a dynamic, visual swim lane view.

  • Filter tasks to quickly see who is working on what tasks.

  • Edit tasks directly from the Task Board.

  • Create projects and tasks and add comments on the fly from within the application or by email.

  • Give clients and partners the ability to make requests and track progress through the Agility Blue Web Portal.


Powerful Reporting

  • Generate powerful custom reports within Agility Blue, and export to several formats.

  • Quickly create and export reports, charts, and pivot tables from the application.

  • Report on data from other applications using the Agility Blue API.

Connecting some of the most effective teams in the legal industry: 


As an eDiscovery project manager, my job involves managing different teams on a wide variety of projects. Before Agility Blue, I had to use various spreadsheets and other tools to manage our workflow. Agility Blue makes everything so seamless and centralized... how did I work without it?
— Jennifer Stegora, eDiscovery Project Manager