Agility Blue Features

Project and Task Management

  • Create and Manage customizable Forms that may utilize any of 10 available Field Types.

  • Apply Conditional Rules to Form Fields that can update other field requirements, visibility, or change their values.

  • Manage a library of pre-defined Project Templates to quickly create common Projects and Tasks to help facilitate your company Standards.

  • Create Projects Drafts that are managed separately from the normal Project pool. Projects can be converted to or from Project Drafts can be at any time.

  • Copy/Clone Projects and/or Tasks

  • Define and apply categorical Tags to Projects to further segment Project metadata for searching or reporting.

  • Assign Owners andRequesters to Projects.

  • Create Composable Tasks by adding any number of pre-defined Forms while creating Tasks.

  • Assign Tasks to Users.

  • Filter and Sort Tasks within the Project Details page.

  • Create or Reply to Task Comments directly in the Site or externally via Email.

  • Mention Users in Task Comments.

  • Add Attachments to Projects and/or Tasks.

  • Add Billing Entries to Projects and/or Tasks.

  • Add Media Log Entries to Projects and/or Tasks.

  • Add Volume Log Entries to Projects and/or Tasks.

  • Add Subscribers to Tasks.

Client and Matter Management

  • Create Custom Fields that all Clients or Matters have.

  • View Insight Visualizations at the Client or Matter details.

  • Add Attachments to Clients and/or Matters.

  • View Aggregated Billing Details from Projects and Tasks.

  • View Aggregated Media Log Entries from Projects and Tasks.

  • View Aggregated Volume Log Entries from Projects and Tasks.


  • View All Open Projects, or only Projects that pertain to you.

  • View an All Open Tasks Kan-Ban Board displaying New, In Progress, and Tasks completed Today.

  • Each Dashboard features a Live Feed so new and updated tasks refresh the Dashboard in Real Time.

  • Apply High-Level Filters based on Project Status Types (Due Today, Late, Rush, On Hold, and Ongoing).


  • Create and Manage a Library of Billing Types.

  • Each Billing Type can have user-defined Billing Units and Bass Prices.

  • Create and Manage pre-defined Narrative Types that users can select when applying Billing Types to Projects and/or Tasks to help facilitate common or standard billing language.


  • System Reports

  • Custom Reports

Object Grids

  • Show/Hide Fields

  • Drag and Drop Column Ordering

  • Multi-Conditional Column-Based Filtering

  • Exportable Data

  • Saved Filters

  • Per-Grid, User-Centric Memory

Additional Features

  • Contacts

  • Media Log

  • Volumes

  • Global Searching

  • Company Branding (Logo) *

  • Company Branding (Colors) **


  • Manage Users

  • View Agreements

  • View Licenses

  • View Workspaces

  • Manage Workspace Access


  • HTTPS Transport

  • Data Encrypted at Rest

  • Two-Factor Authentication

  • Strong Password Requirements

  • Account Lockout

  • Forgot Password Recovery


  • OAuth2 Model

  • Google SSO (GMail, GSuite, etc.)

  • Microsoft SSO (Azure Active Directory, Office 365, MS Account, etc.)

  • SAML2 SSO (Active Directory Federated Services, Okta, etc.) *

API and Extensibility *

  • HTTPS RESTFul Object Navigation

  • JSON Responses

  • OData 4 Query Standard

  • User-Based API Key management

Email and Notifications

  • Event-Based Email notifications based on Conditional Rulesets

  • Email directly into the System to Create Project Drafts Externally *

  • Email Responses recorded as Task Comments *

  • Share Task and Project Information with Customizable Email Templates *

  • Customizable Email Templates **


  • Relativity


  • Group-Based Permissions

  • Granular Access Model

Project Portal *

  • Separate site that allows non-Agility Blue users to create project and task requests that utilize Agility Blue Matters and Forms.

  • Displays the Contact’s most recent Projects.

  • Access can be granted by creating and enabling portal access for each Contact.

    Forms must be given explicit access to the Portal so internal Forms do not need to clutter the Forms available on the Portal.

  • No additional user costs.

* Professional or Enterprise Only
** Enterprise Only