Check out the latest updates to Agility Blue

Our August Agility Blue update is now live, and we wanted to make sure you are kept in the loop on our latest developments. Check out the highlights from our August 2018 release:

What’s New?

Introducing Project Drafts: More Flexibility, More Control

Project Drafts are a special type of project that facilitates editing projects and tasks outside the active project pool. This allows projects to sit in a draft queue to await additional information. When ready, you can convert the draft to an active project and move it into your normal workflow.

New draft project.png

A draft can be specified when creating a new project, or an existing open project can be converted into a draft. In addition to creating drafts from within Agility Blue, drafts may also be created when an email is sent to the notify address. Drafts do not require a Matter to be specified when created and they are only found  the dashboard under the new "Drafts" tab. 

Notifications for drafts can be defined separately from active projects, so you may define a different set of people to receive notifications related to drafts.

project drafts.png

Other Updates

  • Notification badges have been added to the "My Projects" and "Project Drafts" dashboard tabs. A small red dot that indicates that a project exists in those tabs. When the projects are complete for the respective tabs, the indicator goes away.
  • A new field called "Source" has been added. This field allows a user to determine where a project was created (such as Agility Blue, the Project Portal, or from Email).
  • The Project Portal has been updated with the following enhancements:
    • 5 new metric panels have been added to give the reader a snapshot of their open projects. The project metrics are: Open, Due Today, Rush, Late, and Ongoing.
    • Projects and Tasks can now be edited after they've been assigned
    • A variety of interface enhancements have been added, including check marks and text strike-through to indicate closed projects/tasks and conditionally colored rows to highlight late projects.

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