Welcome to the New Sadie Blue Software Blog

Welcome to the new Sadie Blue Software Blog! We are excited to share news, features, helpful tips, and user profiles related to Sadie Blue and our powerful project management application, Agility Blue.

Sadie Blue Software grew from a product developed by our sister company, Shepherd Data Services. Shepherd Data, an eDiscovery/litigation support vendor, had tried various project management tools — everything from scratching out plans on sticky notes to elaborate spreadsheets, to keep up with our fast moving, multi-faceted client projects. In early 2010, Brandon and Chris Chalstrom started researching better solutions and after several months of research, realized that nothing really worked for the unique needs of litigation support. So Brandon, an experienced programmer, volunteered to design “something simple” for Shepherd to track projects. Within 3 months, he rolled out Shepherd’s Electronic Tracking System (SETS).

Over the years, we continued to build on and improve SETS. In 2015, Chris decided it simply made more sense for the product to have its own company and share it with others who were struggling with project management. Brandon, Ben Legatt and Chris then founded Sadie Blue Software and renamed SETS to Agility Blue.

Under Sadie Blue’s guidance, Agility Blue has become a full-featured, multi-dimensional project management system. So whether you scratch out your team’s plans on a post-it or utilize a Six Sigma approach to project management, we encourage you to take a look at Agility Blue. Keep an eye out for future posts, and subscribe to our blog to stay up to date on the latest from the Sadie Blue Software team.

Benjamin Legatt