Better Communication = Better Project Management


Poor communication leads to poor outcomes

During any project, prioritizing clear communication among team members, and knowing which communication tools to use, is critical. “Communicating with all your stakeholders is the single most important factor for project management success”, according to an article from the Project Management Institute. Poor communication is too often the cause of other problems that lead a project off-course.

“The top three problems that prevent a project from being successful are changes in scope, poor estimation in the planning phase, and poorly defined goals and objectives. If you communicate effectively, then your chances of encountering these problems is diminished considerably.” How to Improve Communications for Better Project Management (PC Magazine).

Effective communication is particularly important when a project takes several months or years to complete. The project manager needs to remind everyone of the objectives, parameters, status and expenditures of the project—and needs to do so often. All teams and stakeholders benefit from reviewing their project’s status reports and history to get a better sense of what has happened, what is happening and what will happen through the life of the project. Presenting this information in a clear and concise manner through dynamic project reports and dashboards is key.

It’s clear that communication is of the utmost importance for any project to be successful. What can you do to improve your teams’ processes and ensure that your stakeholders will have all the information they need to be successful? This is where the right project management tool can make all the difference.

Using Agility Blue to enhance communication

Agility Blue is a task and project management software designed specifically for the legal industry that can help drastically and easily improve your communication skills:

First, it centralizes all of your information and gives everyone on your team access to it. In the end, documentation is just another form of communication.



Improve communication by keeping all team members informed of project status through Agility Blue’s dashboard view.


Agility Blue also serves as the repository of all your project details, including project sub-tasks, assignments, deadlines, and comments. Access to this record at your fingertips ultimately allows you and your team to accurately and effectively communicate with your stakeholders and clients.



Standardize communication through Agility Blue’s custom task forms, and by adding comments to tasks.


Finally, Agility Blue’s web portal gives stakeholders an easy way to enter project requests and receive automated email notifications when their projects are changed or completed. Notifications are automated, which means less overhead for team members, and no delay in relaying critical information to stakeholders when they need it.



Automate communication to stakeholders outside of Agility Blue through the Web Portal.


You can greatly improve your information sharing with team members, stakeholders and clients by using the a project management platform that keeps everyone in the know, in real time, with minimal effort. To see Agility Blue in action, contact us at

Benjamin Legatt