Agility Blue Has Been Updated To The March 2018 Release!

What’s New?

  • Identity Service update: We now offer Single Sign-On with external identity providers that can be linked to your Agility Blue account that can be integrated with Google, Microsoft, or SAML2 providers such as Active Directory Federation Services and Okta. If you’re interested in learning how to link an external account to your Agility Blue account, please contact for assistance.

  • Icons have been refreshed.

  • Relativity Integration: Added OAuth2 option as an authentication method. Contact us if you need any assistance with setting up a Relativity OAuth2 client for Agility Blue to connect to. We highly recommend using the OAuth2 method, as it removes the need to supply Agility Blue with a Relativity username and password.

  • Added an “About” menu option to provide the current client version.

  • Added a new filter tile to the dashboard: Rush projects.

  • Fixed a UI bug where the light bulb icon did not show up when copying or cloning tasks that contain conditional fields.

  • Fixed a bug where trying to add a new form via the task toolbar button resulted in an error.

  • Fixed a bug that didn’t allow non-admins to see these notifications.

  • The vertical ellipsis menu has been changed to a “Hamburger” menu that now only shows list items (such as Contacts, Attachments, Billing Entries, etc.). The configuration items (such as Billing Types, Forms, Tags, etc) and settings have been moved to their own dedicated menu on the right next to the notifications menu.

Identity Service Options


Lists “Hamburger” Menu



Configuration and Settings Menu

Config menu.png