January 2018 Agility Blue update is now live!

Happy New Year! Check out what’s new in the latest Agility Blue update. New features, enhancements, bug fixes and more!

What's New?

New Features Update Experience

We’ve added a new experience for receiving and reviewing Agility Blue updates. When we update Agility Blue with new and noteworthy features, you will see this window automatically:

What's new.png

Conditional Field Logic

Forms and Form Fields have received some attention. Here are some highlights:

Conditional Properties section added to saved fields

Field conditions can be a powerful way to collect and present the necessary information for forms using conditional logic to control properties. Conditional logic means “If this condition is true, then change these properties”. Based on the values (or lack of values) that fields hold, conditions can be set to alter the requirement, visibility, or even the value of other fields.

Conditions are added to fields through the form editor.  Multiple conditions can be added to the same field and each condition is treated as an “OR” style connector. This is useful if you would like to, for example, make a field visible based on a particular requirement, but hide the field if that requirement is not true.

Field conditions.png

Account Details

User Accounts have the following updates within the “Home” area of Agility Blue:

  • Organization Admins can promote or demote users to the Organization Admin role. This is useful if an Organization Admin would like to give a user elevated permissions to allow them to create users on a temporary or permanent basis.

  • 2 new fields have been added: “First Login On” and “Last Login On”.

  • We made it is easier to identify Organization Admins within the Users list by showing an orange start next to their name.

New Settings

New Settings have been added to the Settings page:

  • Notifications: Moved from its own tab to the General Settings tab, controls whether or not the Workspace should generate email notifications.

  • Auto-Populate Requester: Automatically populates the Requester field with the Project creator if enabled. There must be a Contact with the same email address as the creator in order to function properly.

  • Require Project Due Date: Determines if the Due On field should be required or optional. Setting this to true will not allow Projects to be “Ongoing”.

  • Require Requester: Determines if the Requester field should be required or optional.

  • Check for Billing Entries Warning: Enables or disables a message that warns users if they try to close a Task that does not have any associated Billing Entries.

  • Require Task Due Date: Determines if the Due On field should be required or optional. Setting this to true will not allow Tasks to be “Ongoing”.

Other Updates

A variety of other updates and fixes:

  • Grid column picker now lists columns in alphabetical order instead of presentation order.

  • Task due dates can now be changed without having to edit the entire task. There is a new button on the task toolbar and within the task context settings menu.

  • “Create a New Form” has been added to the “New” drop down menu underneath “Create a New Contact”.

  • A mouse rollover effect has been added to the company brand image (Top left image) that states “Go Home”.

  • When a task link is clicked from the Tasks list or from the Open Tasks dashboard, the resulting task is now completely opened within the project details page.